Remote working

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work, travel and socialise. Many people have worked away from the office during lockdown. We now want to work with organisations to support a long term shift to more people working remotely.

Benefits for local economies, businesses, individuals and the environment include:

  • a reduction in travel time and expense
  • more flexibility and better work–life balance
  • increased productivity
  • less traffic, especially at peak times
  • less air and noise pollution
  • the opportunity to redesign our towns and city centres

We are exploring options for a network of remote working hubs in towns and communities. This will:

  • allow people to work nearer to where they live
  • allow individuals to work together in their local community
  • provide a space for those who cannot or do not want to work from home

We would like to see a workplace model where staff can choose to work in the office, at home or in a hub location.

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